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Natural Health Helps You Feel Better Emotionally

Changing seasons often bring a sense of self-reflection about your goals, your lifestyle, and areas of improvement – including taking more of a natural health focus for your life. Sometimes our bodies tell us that this is also an ideal time for changes!

Our emotional health can affect every aspect of our lives. Emotional health encompasses how you feel about yourself, your relationships, and the way you manage your feelings. Here are some tips where natural health ideas can make a difference for your emotional health.

Rest and relax – Part of being emotionally healthy comes from getting enough rest. Strive to get a minimum of six, but preferably seven to eight hours of sleep every night.

Careful exercise can relieve stress while boosting your mood. Try yoga, meditation, Tai Chi, walking or any type of movements that make you feel good. Exercise is the antidote to depression and stress. It doesn’t have to interfere with your daily routine, just look for ways to add a little bit more activity into your day. Walk the dog one more time around the park, take the stairs instead of the elevator, or select a parking space further away from the door.

Natural Health and relaxingSunshine happiness – Spend careful time in the sun. Sunlight is a proven mood booster. Just 15 minutes a day can make a big difference, but remember to still use sunscreen to protect your skin.

Practice good nutrition. Learn what types of foods you need to maintain a healthy diet and how to properly prepare them. Changing the way you cook and eat won’t be easy at first, but the more you do it, and see how it affects your mood, and how much more energy you have, the easier it will become.

Stay away from tobacco, drugs and limit the amount of alcohol you consume. These may give you an initial mood boost but it is temporary and can lead to even stronger mood crashes.

Spend time doing positive things for others. Volunteer for something you believe in. Help out at your child’s school or donate time to the local animal shelter. Giving back to your community can make you feel great for days afterwards.

Have fun learning and discovering new things. Take an adult learning class, become a member of a book club, or travel somewhere new. Paint a picture. Walk through a garden. Visit a museum. Take up photography. Admire an interesting architecture style.

Make time to relax and do something just for you. This one is our favorite, because guests who have enjoyed our Day at the Spa have enjoyed a changed outlook on life afterwards. Even a simple foot massage goes a long way in releasing stress and tension, which will improve emotional health.

Taking care of your emotional health through natural, alternative methods can keep your mind sharp, your body healthy, and your emotions in control. Remember, you are in control of your emotional health and only you can make positive changes to it.

And during your self-reflection time, a mini-vacation away may be just the thing to help you make some positive changes! A short visit to our Bed and Breakfast will offer the serene tranquility you might need right now for some healthy life changes.

Bed and Breakfast – the Perfect Mini-Vacation!

After the busyness of summer activities, family gatherings, and a whirlwind of activities, it’s no wonder that some people look forward to a mini-vacation to distress and get ready for the upcoming holidays!

When planning a mini-vacation, keep these things in mind:

What is the purpose for the vacation?

If you need to unwind and unplug from the electronic gadgets that keep you busy all day, and you just want to appreciate some quiet time, find a location that has natural surroundings, and leave your laptop, tablet, and smart phone at home. If you’d like to see some different events or festivals, seek a location that is nearby to appreciate those events, but still gives you space to breathe and relax.

Mini Vacation at Bed and BreakfastWhat do you want to do while on vacation?

Sometimes doing nothing is the best thing to do on a vacation. Pack a relaxing book, or some good walking shoes to take a hike along nature trails. On the other hand, a change of scenery could also include taking in a fine concert and dining out in a different restaurant. Look for different opportunities to experience culture, cuisine and a calming atmosphere.

What can you afford or how far do you want to travel?

A brief travel outside your own community may be all you need for finding the ideal atmosphere. Then, you’re saving on travel costs but enjoying the sights and atmosphere of somewhere new, without traveling too far. A mini-vacation doesn’t need to break the budget, and a cruise isn’t always as relaxing as one might expect. Somewhere closer to home might be the exact thing you need!

Take advantage of the changing seasons and book a room for a relaxing vacation away from your busy daily routine. At Heart Wood Place Bed and Breakfast, we’ve been honored to host many mini-vacations for thousands of people!

Massage Therapy – One Way to Pamper Your Feet

Your feet are some of the hardest working parts of your body, and often give signals of being over tired and stressed. When your feet hurt, it can make your whole body hurt! Simple steps to make your feet feel better will give you a better outlook on things, and make you feel fresher also.

Soak your feet

Ahh, a warm foot bath can ease away aches and pains in just a few minutes. Add a few drops of your favorite essential oil (peppermint and lavender are refreshing choices) to the bath and, if your feet are hot and swollen, about half a cup of Epsom salts in a large pan of water. Soak for 10-15 minutes.

Not only does a foot bath relieve pain, but it also helps eliminate odor. After the soak, when your feet are still moist, use a pumice stone gently on calluses and thick, rough skin. In the winter, relieve cold, dry feet by soaking in warm water to which you’ve added a teaspoon of mustard powder. The mustard powder has a warming effect and helps circulation. During the hot summer days, dust your feet with foot powder before putting on your footwear.

Keep them clean all year round

Washing and thoroughly drying your feet keeps them healthy and fungus-free. Do so before putting on your footwear and when you take your shoes off later in the day. Using cool water in summer for these periodic washings is quite refreshing.


Paraffin baths are luxurious and extremely effective for relieving pain and dry, cracked foot skin. You can also use warm coconut oil. Rub the moisturizer in with a massaging motion until it is absorbed. This is very soothing for your feet and leaves the skin glowing and soft. Applying a thick, penetrating moisturizer and/or massaging with oil before bed, then covering your feet with thin, cotton socks will give the moisturizer a chance to really get in to your skin.

Foot Massage TherapyFoot Massage Therapy

A foot massage is another step in getting really comfortable feet, and it helps relax your whole body! Take time to schedule a foot massage with a trusted massage therapist who knows the special spots on your feet that also affect your mood and the rest of your body’s health. Sometimes a very directed foot massage can make all the difference in dealing with other health problems!

Choose the right footwear

What pain we bring on ourselves by wearing ill-fitting shoes or shoes that are more about looks than comfort! It’s not just high heels that can hurt your feet; shoes that are too small, too narrow, too stiff, or just not the right shape for your foot can cause foot pain, unsightly corns and other painful abnormalities.

Give your feet the right support if you have low arches by using inserts or specially-made shoes. In the summer, wear open sandals or strappy shoes so that your feet get plenty of circulation. Your feet will thank you by being pain-free and looking healthy.

Home Remedies to Plant in Your Herb Garden

Herbal supplements can be great for your health, and have been used for centuries as home remedies to heal the human body. Careful knowledge and information about herbs can make a difference in daily health, so as the weather warms up, consider planning herbs this year!

You may even be growing some herbs in your garden and not even realize the power they hold. Here are a few easy-to-start-with herbs to consider planting as home remedies:

Dandelion – The flowers and roots can be used for many ailments and overall better health. The flowers are generally eaten or made into tea. You can add them to salad, soups or eat raw. They are tasty and contain potassium, beta-carotene and vitamins A and C.

Roots and stems contain a creamy substance that can be squeezed out and used for skin issues. Rub it over a bee sting to take away the pain as well as cuts and scrapes. It is a natural acne treatment and can remove warts when applied directly to the affected area several times a day until gone. While dandelion is generally considered safe, you should be aware that some people are allergic. Be on the lookout for any skin reaction or gastric upset after using.

Home Remedies with HerbsGarlic – There is a lot of medicinal value in garlic, which contains Allicin, a natural antibiotic. This helps your system fight infection and can help to strengthen your immune system. Garlic has also been in the forefront of natural remedies for fighting cancer, heart disease, lowering cholesterol, improving blood circulation and lowering blood sugar. Adding garlic to your diet can only improve your health.

Used topically, garlic can take the pain away from cuts, scrapes, bee stings, and rashes. It has also been successfully used to clear up acne or other skin problems. Cut the clove in half and rub the cut side onto the affected area.

Oregano – This herb is high in antioxidants which help reduce free radicals, the chemical reactions in your body that damage your cells and cause premature aging. By adding oregano to your diet you can help keep your body healthy.

Cilantro – High in vitamin K, antioxidants, minerals and fiber, cilantro also adds flavor to your foods. It can help remove toxins from your body, helping to reduce depression and reducing chronic fatigue.

Mint – If you’re susceptible to digestive problems or nausea, you may want to plant some mint in your garden, which can help calm your stomach. It contains vitamins, magnesium, iron, phosphorus and calcium making it a great addition for bone health, too. It also smells great!

Growing an herb garden is easy and can be done in a very small space, even a windowsill. There are many benefits of adding fresh herbs to your diet or using as home remedies for topical applications. Plus, taking care of an herb garden is a simple as planting the seed, watering and snipping to use as needed!

Natural Health Ideas with Honey

Holidays, the end of the year, and the anticipation of the New Year bring about changes in eating habits and sometimes a closer look at natural health tips. As you enjoy this time of year, think about choices you make and the long-lasting benefits of making right choices for your health. Some natural ideas are beneficial not only for healthier eating, but also for other home remedy uses – like using honey!

Honey is naturally sweet, and is often used as a substitute for sugar; but since it tastes sweeter than sugar, using less is advised. And, using honey in its raw form is always better than processed honey. Michigan has numerous bee farms, so next time you are traveling in Michigan, you may want to pick up some natural honey made by friendly bees right here!

If you’re looking for other natural health ideas, honey is also good for treating lots of ailments – both internally and externally.

Sore throat and cough – Take a teaspoon of raw honey and mix into a warm glass of water, drink over a period of 5 minutes. This will help coat your throat and sooth the cough. You can take as often as every half hour to relieve the symptoms.

Indigestion – Honey is great for calming your stomach if you’re feeling nauseated or have heartburn or indigestion. Mix together a teaspoon of honey with one teaspoon of freshly squeezed lemon juice. Sip this slowly. This can be repeated several times throughout the day.

Facial wash – Take a bit of honey on your fingers and rub all around your face in small circles. Be sure to work into problems areas, such as around your nose and forehead. Leave this on your face for about 10 minutes and wash off warm water and clean cloth. Pat your face dry and see the glow on your skin!