After the busyness of summer activities, family gatherings, and a whirlwind of activities, it’s no wonder that some people look forward to a mini-vacation to distress and get ready for the upcoming holidays!

When planning a mini-vacation, keep these things in mind:

What is the purpose for the vacation?

If you need to unwind and unplug from the electronic gadgets that keep you busy all day, and you just want to appreciate some quiet time, find a location that has natural surroundings, and leave your laptop, tablet, and smart phone at home. If you’d like to see some different events or festivals, seek a location that is nearby to appreciate those events, but still gives you space to breathe and relax.

Mini Vacation at Bed and BreakfastWhat do you want to do while on vacation?

Sometimes doing nothing is the best thing to do on a vacation. Pack a relaxing book, or some good walking shoes to take a hike along nature trails. On the other hand, a change of scenery could also include taking in a fine concert and dining out in a different restaurant. Look for different opportunities to experience culture, cuisine and a calming atmosphere.

What can you afford or how far do you want to travel?

A brief travel outside your own community may be all you need for finding the ideal atmosphere. Then, you’re saving on travel costs but enjoying the sights and atmosphere of somewhere new, without traveling too far. A mini-vacation doesn’t need to break the budget, and a cruise isn’t always as relaxing as one might expect. Somewhere closer to home might be the exact thing you need!

Take advantage of the changing seasons and book a room for a relaxing vacation away from your busy daily routine. At Heart Wood Place Bed and Breakfast, we’ve been honored to host many mini-vacations for thousands of people!