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Heart Wood Place Offers Many Spa Services

If you are looking for services that will rejuvenate you, in a setting that is truly calm and relaxing, then the specialists at The Heart Wood Place are ready to help! Home of “The Artistic Hands”, our Day Spa Services complement the quiet, serene atmosphere that truly offers benefits to improve your life.

Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy is a sharing, facilitating, scientific art, which helps individuals obtain their highest health potential. It recognizes the relationship between body, mind and spirit and, with its techniques, relaxes the body allowing a balance of mind and spirit to begin. Massage therapy is usually done on a massage table in a room that is a comfortable temperature with soft lighting and music. The client is asked to disrobe to their level of comfort and assured they will be professionally draped at all times. Bolsters are used to support the neck and knees. An oil, lotion or gel is used to allow glide on the tissue.

Power Paraffin Facial

The power paraffin facial is an all occlusive procedure incorporating the cleansing of the face and decollete prior to applying the unique C formula. The paraffin is then painted directly onto the skin. A pre-cut gauze mask is placed over the first layer of paraffin and then additional painting of paraffin is applied. The mask is allowed to be in place as the ultra hydrating and medical grade paraffin increases blood circulation and heals dry, damaged skin. When the mask is removed the anti-oxidant moisturizer is applied.

This is a wonderful process to cleanse, repair and hydrate your skin. This procedure takes approximatley 45 minutes and the cost is $50.00.

Herbal Facial Massage Aromatherapy

This is a science and art that uses pure essential oils as an aid to health, relaxation, and beauty. The therapeutic use of pure essential oils in body and facial care treatments is performed by blending particular essentials together to create a desired effect (i.e. calming, energizing, rejuvenating, etc.).

The herbal-facial utilizes essential oils and herbs in a quick and easy seven step procedure that will allow you to offer an exceptional skin care treatment with minimal cost. The client is made comfortable on a massage table using neck and knee bolsters and blankets. The room is well lit with soft music in the background.

European Herbal Wrap

Wrapped in a cocoon of 100% muslin sheets steeped in a hot therapeutic herbal blend, clients relax and drift off as their bodies are purged of toxins. This technique involves being wrapped in 2 unbleached muslin sheets, a milar wrap and lastly a wool blanket with support bolsters being used. The client may choose being wrapped from neck down or from armpits down for this 20-minute procedure.

Exfoliation Treatment

This excellent treatment rids the body of dead skin cells and leaves the client in a state of glowing, rosy health. You can actually see the difference! It is a three step process to cleanse, scrub, and moisturize the skin with all-natural products that are a joy to experience.

Seaweed Body Mask

The ultimate in luxury spa treatments, this procedure utilizes organic kelp and algae harvested from the coasts of France. The client is covered with a warmed seaweed mask and wrapped in body-heat-retaining mylar. A hydrating finishing cream is them massaged into the body.

Mud Mask

Also known as “fangos”, these substances have powerful drawing and purifying properties. We use a rich product known as “Moor Mud.” The mask can be applied to the entire body or be used to treat a specific area only, such as the back, legs, etc.

Please note:
The Herbal Body Wrap, the Exfoliation Treatment and the Seaweed and Mud Masks are normally a nude procedure.
If the client is not comfortable with that, the client needs to bring under garments,
knowing that the garments may be stained.

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