When you are traveling, an inviting bed can be the most important option in a place of lodging. Bed and breakfast establishments provide an alternative to the conventional hotel that travelers may want to consider. Knowing what a bed and breakfast has to offer can help you make the choice that is right for you.

At one time, bed and breakfast establishments stood out because the cost of staying included a fresh breakfast each morning. Many hotels have realized that value and have added a breakfast option as well.

Understand how a Bed and Breakfast Works

The personal touch. The bed and breakfast owners invite you to stay in a room in their home, providing a “home away from home” experience. The owners are the employees, so they are on staff the entire time of your stay.

Location. Since bed and breakfast establishments are often private homes, they are often located closer to towns, historic locations, and other areas of interest. Hotels, by contrast, are often built closer to the airports, interstates, and other centralized business locations.

A chance to connect. The smaller size and more personal design of the bed and breakfast allows for easier interaction with the staff and the other guests. Building on these connections to grow relationships is one of the top benefits for visitors that prefer to stay at a bed and breakfast.

All-inclusive costs. Parking, local calls, and even Internet will usually be offered by the bed and breakfast without an additional cost to the guest. Sometimes the use of areas, like a garden patio or large room can be worked out, as well. Remember that when you are talking to someone at the bed and breakfast about these needs that you are likely talking with the owner who has the authority to make decisions.

Calm and quiet. The guests in a bed and breakfast are almost always adults. Some establishments even request (or require) that all guests be over 18 years old. This can provide a calmer and quieter atmosphere for your stay.

Slower, more relaxed pace. The meals will be served at the dining table of the owner and often in a family style setting. This allows for a leisurely enjoyment of the food, the company, and your stay.

Understanding the differences between a bed and breakfast and a hotel can be the key to choosing what will work for your next vacation. Research options online, call the owners, and find reviews from others who have enjoyed their overnight stay.