Our ears are organs for hearing and balance. Common symptoms affecting the ears are earache, hearing difficulties, tinnitus and labyrinthitis. These problems can be distressing and cause concern and can be treated with ear candling.

Ear candling is a safe, natural, economical and easy solution to better health of your ears. This process is an old home remedy. This method is in line with Natural Law for increased physical well-being and may not be in accordance with the consensus of the medical profession. Ear candling allows us to understand what it means to be balanced with nature as well as being aware we all have choices and that those choices be the best ones for us.

This technique goes back as far as biblical times and has been passed down for many generations and cultures.

It involves using a hollow candle coated with a special wax and placed on the edge of a person’s ear while the person is reclining on their side comfortably. The opposite end of the candle is lit with a match and the flame creates a relative vacuum in the ear and gently pulls out poisons, old wax and fungus. Possibly pulling out residues of past infections.

Natural health professionals do this technique and cost is insignificant. Frequently a person relaxes to the point of sleeping.

This procedure can be done for all ages and done every six months for prevention as well as good hygiene. Ear candling should not be done on yourself unattended.