The first couple months of the New Year find life less busy at Heart Wood Place, and allow me to relax, refresh, and continue my education in the form of reading articles to benefit my skills and business.

Any of you who know me is aware I feel strongly that all things happen for a reason, even though I may not realize what they are at the time.

In early December, a client mentioned a book he had recently read, and it was about the life of Solomon Wickey. Even though I knew him and had consulted with him, I was not aware of a book, “Solomon’s Touch” by June Naugle. Yes, you guessed it – my first book to read this New Year.

Many of you may know the term and use of iridology. Scriptures address the use of herbs, essential oils and the truth eyes reveal. “The lamp of your body is your eye.” In Genesis, we read, “I have given you the herbs for your medicine.” Keep in mind, a medical doctor studies symptoms through scientific tests and, based on those tests, makes a diagnosis, meaning the name of the disease, and then treats it. A nutritional consultant treats the cause, not the symptom.

Better health is built by improving dietary intake and a different lifestyle. Many experts say there are not more than twenty known diseases that exist altogether; and they can be addressed by oxygenation, cleansing, nourishing, or getting the trauma out of the body and then restoring the electrical disturbance.

The book I mentioned is a good read for anyone interested in learning more about natural approaches to health by means of using herbs and improved nutrition. Solomon Wickey is a well-known herbalist that hundreds of us from all corners of the USA have great respect for. I am proud to be affiliated with the Natures Sunshine Products Co.; four generations of my family use them.