Massage therapy as a part of your wellness and health program – Does that sound familiar to you? More and more Americans are using massage therapy as a part of their wellness program and find ways to work it into their budget.

It truly is beneficial to all ages. Think about pregnancy and having pre and postnatal massage. Don’t forget baby! Infants respond beautifully to touch and gentle massage. As our young folks grow and become involved in sports, massage therapy aids in pain relief for sore muscles.

Our aging population should not be overlooked. Range of motion for joints is critical to all, and allows many to continue activities of daily living as well as driving and living an active life socially. In today’s society, many people are working much longer out of economic need.

The 115th annual consumer survey done by the American Massage Therapy Association found that more Americans are using massage therapy not only for pain relief, but other health issues as well.

Clients find that their massage sessions can be effective in reducing symptoms of depression, tension, and headaches. Massage therapy also aids in the ease of participating in exercise programs.

The survey indicates that 72% of massage therapist’s clients are repeat clients. Consider booking your appointment and enjoy numerous benefits.

After those sessions, ask yourself if your massage met your expectations.

  • Did the therapist understand your needs?
  • Were your areas of concern addressed?
  • Did you explain in detail to the therapist your concerns, areas of discomfort, health history as well as your expectations from the session?

People have had bad haircuts before, but that didn’t stop them from getting another haircut. They learned to communicate better or choose a different hair stylist.

Massage therapists have their own style and personality, so find the therapist that fits your needs and communicates well with you. You will definitely enjoy the health benefits of regular massage therapy, so call us today to get started!