Let’s think about the importance of stretching the low back to allow increased freedom of movement.

Massage therapy is one therapy that can loosen tout, soft tissues by means of breaking up fascial adhesions; and also relax and loosen muscle tone.

For this approach to be the most effective and to last longer, it is important to stretch the client’s tissues. One’s goal is to have the increased range of motion during the treatment session to last due to the stretching and lengthening all soft tissues.

Effective treatment strategy includes the client’s active self-care in doing stretches at home. For best results, the stretching is most effective when done after the tissues have been warmed up. This warming of tissues can be done by physical activity or by use of moist heat. Keep in mind; this stretching can be assertive, but not forced.

Well-hydrated tissues are a MUST to prevent injury and allow comfort. If you would like more information, or would like to begin massage therapy to benefit your health, please contact us for an appointment.