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Heart Wood Place
"Home of Artistic Hands"
3723 Wisner Highway
Adrian, MI 49221
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Enjoy Our Guests’ Comments

People come to Heart Wood Place from all over, for a variety of reasons. They come to stay in a quiet, serene setting so that they can relax. They come so that they can be pampered. They come for special occasions, celebrations, and quick getaways. They come for special meetings, gatherings, group get-togethers.

Everyone who stays at Heart Wood Place is invited to sign the guest book in their room. We wanted to share a sample of those comments from people who have enjoyed their stay at our Bed and Breakfast, as well as those who appreciated the relaxation of the Spa Services they received.


What a wonderful place! As the name of this room states, this is truly a place to find Peace. I am going to tell my husband that he is off the hook for every birthday from now on because this is what I want every year.

Thank you, Deborah – Grosse Ile, Michigan, Nov 15, 1998


Peace was all around me in your beautiful home in the woods. During this time of grief, you opened your arms and heart to me, of that I will be forever grateful. Thank you for the quiet, the beauty, the dancing leaves, the breakfast and most of al the spiritual peace I found here. You are an amazing person, Mary Alice. I will treasure this stay for a long time to come.

Barb – Upland, CO, May, 2011


Another fabulous visit! Missed last year due to having some flu and truly did miss it. MA had some unexpected guests for the day but took it all in stride and provided wonderful service to everyone. Best massage I’ve ever had. I was stiff and tense and tight but no more. Truly transforming!

Deb – Grosse Ile, Michigan, Nov 7, 2010


Mary Alice, This experience of peace & nurturing was one of the best gifts I have received in this lifetime. Thank you for everything. See you next year!

Carla – St. Clair, Michigan, March 2, 2002


What a wonderful place God directed me to. I had been trying to get here for about a year, and now on the eve of my “trial” Sermon the Lord made a way for me to be here, to experience his praise, to pray and to prepare. Thank you, Mary, for the Soothing massage & your daughter for a wonderful pedicure! I will remember the time spent here always and hope to come back. God bless you and keep you always!

Deacon Shaun – Hartford Memorial Baptist Church, Detroit, Michigan, Dec. 20, 2002


I have been sitting here almost mesmerized by the gentle & harmonious swaying of the tall trees outside my window & feeling so close to our God. I was about to write I should have come sooner, but that would have caused me to feel regret for missing out on all the gifts one receives here & I truly believe we are placed somewhere and hear the words of someone when it is meant to be & we are ready. This weekend, and this place, were meant to be, and I was ready at last.

Mary Alice, Thank You, In faith & friendship, Ann – Adrian, Michigan, Feb. 7, 2009