Heart Wood Place
"Home of Artistic Hands"
3723 Wisner Highway
Adrian, MI 49221

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Welcome to Heart Wood Place
Bed and Breakfast and Day Spa

At the Heart Wood Place Bed and Breakfast and Day Spa, we are ready to provide what you need for a relaxing getaway! We go out of our way to make sure your mini-vacation is relaxing, comfortable, and enjoyable. Personalized service is our specialty, whether you need help making reservations for a restaurant or theater, or you’d like individual pampering with our massage therapy and spa services.

Located in Southeast Michigan, Heart Wood Place is nestled in 10 acres of beautiful woods, but is close enough to attractions, restaurants, and special events throughout Lenawee County, Hillsdale County, and Jackson County, Michigan, as well as Northwest Ohio communities.

Take some time to explore both sides of our website – learn about our Bed and Breakfast and special room accommodations – and find out how our special Day Spa treatments can help give you a refreshing, new outlook on life!

Michigan Bed and Breakfast Massage Day Spa

 Bed and Breakfast

Heart Wood Place Bed and Breakfast has a relaxing,
country atmosphere, ready to acommodate you for
overnight stays, or your group for conferences,
workshops, and seminars.

 Massage Day Spa

Heart Wood Place, is home of Artistic Hands, a Holistic
Health Center offering day spa services such as
Massage Therapy, Reiki Therapy, Spa Body
Treatments, and more.

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